We believe in generating, creating and building emotions and we do so through robotics. Whenever we create a robot, we are providing a challenging solution to a problem. That inspires us, it gives us a reason and the drive to go forward. And as a result, built a better tomorrow. Become a part of our community of creators. Roboperks, “where ideas get to the next level”.


Roboperks, emotions that create a better tomorrow.

Roboperks originates from the necessity of a robotics and electronics supplier in Panama. In here it’s difficult to get the components you might need to start your project. For me as a robotics enthusiast that’s pretty saddening.

As a forming entrepreneur, I found that in order to change your life… you need a purpose. So purpose comes from the within, and looking inside a new my passion. So why don’t join my passion and my purpose?. It all added up, it fitted perfectly, it was meant for me.

Roboperks purpose is to help you create memorable emotions, feelings, and challenges. Because whenever you built a robot, your challenging yourself and your drive. It’s you pushing to create something new, something that has the potential of changing your life.

Roboperks mission is to give you useful content. Also quality components and parts that will provide you the tools necessary to create whatever is in your mind. Nevertheless, we also give a variety of projects. You can use them to get your creativity flowing, or for a new challenge. We provide kits that give you an first platform, from where you’ll expose yourself to the world of robotics.

Roboperks is dearly built from passion, love, and desire. Therefore we hope that our love for robotics can be transferred to you. We also hope that your native maker’s abilities surpass any level of fear. Go and create your version of a better tomorrow. We believe in You.