In Roboperks, we want you to feel inspired about designing and creating new concepts, and in order to do so, we know that you’ll need several tools to overcome some of the limits that you’ll encounter.

On this section, you’ll find a vast number of tools that will help you build that next level experience. As you know here in Roboperks, we are focused on robotics and 3d printing, which are fundamental when trying to develop new ideas and turn them into reality.

Robotics in general is formed by the junction of several concepts such as: Electronics, Circuits, Control systems, Programming, and Mechanics.

3D Printing involves concepts related to: 3D Modeling, Slicing, 3D Printer settings and maintenance.

We’ll provide you guidance through our courses, and applied examples that will enhance and accelerate your learning curve.

We really want you to enjoy our content, and if you have any feedback we would highly appreciate it.

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