iPad Pro 10.5 Refurbished, You won’t be able to tell!

Usually, when we think on the word “refurbished” and especially on an iPad Pro, we tend to imagine something that doesn’t work and barely worths it (a.k.a a lemon). But this wasn’t the case, Me being honest with You… I was really skeptical about having a refurbished item like “brand new”, and I even used to consider more expensive and less valuable options just to feel more secure knowing that the device was brand new. But going beyond my budget wasn’t an option, I did work really hard to earn those couple of pennies so whatever decision I made, it needed to be efficient and reliable. So I’ve decided… to take the risk.

Why did this happen?

I’m an engineering student, and I’ve had an Ipad 2 since December 2011. And despite it being almost 8 years old, it still works fine, just that it’s no longer supported and it’s complicated to use some apps due to older components and software.  (Press ‘F’ to pay respect). An upgrade was needed and since I was able to work throughout the summer, it seemed like a good investment to acquire a “new” iPad, and this is where the conflict starts.  

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  Choosing an iPad in 2019, it’s not that simple. You have a larger variety of products to choose from, and some of them are under the same price range. My decision was oriented to the iPad Air 2019 (3rd gen.), specs wise the iPad Air 2019 is a beast, rocking that solid A12 chip, which is part of the new Apple’s lineup of iPhones (iPhone Xr, Xs, Xs Max).

But after watching a couple of YouTube reviews, the answer was gravitating towards getting a new or used iPad Pro 10.5.  And this was due to the sum of quality features met in the iPad Pro 10.5 (<- link for more specs) such as quad speakers, A10x Fusion chip, 4 GB of RAM, the marvelous and amazing Pro Motion and so on… it was just a no brainer, or at least that’s what I thought.

Then I took a quick look on Amazon and found out that Apple no longer sells the iPad Pro 10.5 due to it being a “2017 model” (actually they removed it to sell the Air 2019), and the only way to buy (without being in the US) was to order the renewed or refurbished model. And remember that the point is to not go beyond the estimated budget which was around $500.00, so at this point despite knowing what option was the most valuable, I still didn’t trust the fact of the item being refurbished.

Refurbished? How would you tell?

On a normal day at university, I was chatting with a couple of friends about iPads and how good it was to have one with the Apple pencil. So I told them that I  was interested in getting one and that I wasn’t sure about getting one that was refurbished, one of my friends told me he had bought 2 refurbished 2018 iPads, and they work fantastic, and arrived like “brand new”. After hearing that and thinking, well… it’s definitely a gamble. I was decided that the iPad Pro 10.5 renewed was the best option for me.

So… I placed the order on Amazon, waited around 3 days to arrive (I live in Panama BTW),  and I was anxious to find out what would be the experience of getting a renewed item. And the day came, and I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing, it was perfect, and the best part only $480 USD. Honestly, I felt like I had won the lottery, tried as hard as I could to spot any scratches or malfunctioning, and I wasn’t able to do so.

Refurbished Ipad Pro – Would recommend to anyone

Definitely, this has been an eye-opener experience. In which I learned that refurbished products are not bad, (well… at least apple refurbished products) and that there’s always a way to get what you need without expending a lot of money. So far I’ve been using my iPad for around a week now, and I love it, love the 256 GB of storage.

I also love how much portable and powerful it is, I only use the computer when I really need to, like to use Mat Lab or to do some heavy coding. Other than that the iPad is the one to go.  And doing lectures with that Pro-Motion screen its something beyond this world, really really outstanding.

Since I also own an iPhone Xr, the functionality between the two has amazed me, through iCloud and also through AirDrop, best experience so far off the Apple Ecosystem.

Video Section

Here You’ll find all the videos that helped me buy the iPad 10 Pro, and that also provided me with more insights on how to tell which iPad model was the most suited for me.


I recently ordered the Apple Pencil 1st generation, so soon will be having our first video review of the iPad Pro 10.5 and the Apple Pencil, the perfect student combo that you can afford now if you’re aiming for longevity and high performance.

New Update

Yesterday (04/18) I received my Apple Pencil and a screen protector by Ainope, and my gosh it is wonderful. By having the screen protector there are no finger marks and the screen itself looks shinier and let’s not forget that it also provides security to the iPad’s screen. I quickly downloaded GoodNotes 5 and its amazing, taking notes with it it’s pretty good,  and I was able to do my homework while going on a small trip for the holy days.

Good Notes 5 it’s wonderful, but if you want to know what other options are available when referring to taking notes, watch this great video.

Hope this was helpful. See you in the next blog post.

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