Microprocessor Development Boards

A development board is a printed circuit that contains a microprocessor or a microcontroller, the board has a minimal support logic. Therefore it allows a developer or engineer to familiarized with the board and how it’s programmed.  Their main purpose is to be used for project development. They’re meant to be the foundation of your project. Therefore you pick the one that has the most potential for your appliance.

There are many different types of development boards, and we’re going to review a few of them. As I previously mentioned, they differ from one another based on their potential and main objective. Some might be oriented on IoT, others on AI, computing power, and so on.

I’ll review the different boards, plus their specs and purpose. Therefore you can tell which one fits your needs the most.

In robotics, there are many projects that will require a different development board, in much cases We use the Arduino’s boards. Nevertheless, they aren’t the best suited for all projects and none is. In such cases you might use a Raspberry Pi, because of his computing and data processing capabilities. Or if you want to work with the internet data, servers and so on… then an IoT dev board it’s what you need, like the Arduino Yun.

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Development Boards and Appliances

Arduino UNO

The most known one from the list. The Arduino UNO has gained a lot of popularity in the last years. The Arduino it’s pretty complete for initial projects and easy to program as well. It has a vast amount of libraries that will save you a lot of time.

The Arduino UNO is not the fastest one, that’s for sure and also it doesn’t have a lot of I/O pins. Therefore is not suited for projects with a lot of sensors.

You can see it applied in controlling an RC car or an alarm with a 4×4 keypad or a robotic arm.

This is a great example of a well designed Arduino UNO project. Kudos to David Fernández.

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There are other types of Arduinos, with fewer and more pins and size. I won’t mention them all but they appear on in the next list.

Raspberry Pi

The raspberry pi is a credit card size computer, it was developed to teach computer science in developing countries. As a small computer, it’s common to think that it does computer appliances only, and that’s not true. As well as the Arduino it has I/O pins that allow him to control different devices and sensors. What it’s true is that as a computer is way faster processing information than an Arduino for instance, which really gives a different feel of applications.

You can use them for controlling your house lights using relays or feed a server with data in a small area and without the requirement of a 110/ 220 V output. or even a retro console. It’s really abusing of a computer in an ultra-compact size.

Eggie is a social robot, while it goes along it communicates with and it’s pretty cute looking. Kudos to Instructables’ user Mr_MdR

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Beaglebone is a small computer like the raspberry pi but it differs from the one mentioned in the fact that it has more I/O pins. This means it offers great computing power without giving away its controlling capabilities. Beaglebone can also with diferents O.S such as Android, Ubuntu and other Linux flavors. Personally, I see Beaglebone as the best of both worlds.

In this project, they used a Beaglebone as a flight controller. It completed the task excellently. And that’s what we were talking about, its capability of processing and computing detected data from sensors.

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Up square

Up square is a development board produced by Intel. It’s another small computer kind of type but its oriented on a completely different purpose from the previous two mentioned. It offers fast processing and graphics capabilities, as well as multiple display support. Also has I/O pins and expansion options for them. It comes preinstalled with Ubuntu and it has over 400 sensor libraries. It’s perfectly suited for machine learning appliances.

In this case, a group of students from Multimedia University Malaysia created a wheelchair that’s controlled through brainwaves. This project is outstanding. Really shows how much talent and dedication is out there. Seeking the best for humanity.

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As you could see, there is a vast variety of development board. And different types, formats, and appliances. Therefore you don’t have any limitation when designing your project, because you can pick the dev board that fits the most. The variety and diversity of projects you can create it’s infinite. I hope this post has given you a new perspective on what you can create and what you need.

Hope this was helpful. See you in the next post.

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