Robotics, how can I start? – 3 advice that will guide you to it.

Robotics for me and for many is one of the most beautiful fields on engineering. Due to the use of your innate ability to create almost anything. All this from a couple of components, a design sketch, and tons of creativity.

Passion and love for Robotics

In my particular case, since I was very little I loved putting the thing together. I’m a huge Lego fan and still, I’m to this day. Just loved being able to turn an idea of something into something physical and tangible (believe me it’s even more incredible when it starts moving and flashing LEDs haha), and that’s one of the main reasons why I studied electromechanical engineering, because it gives me the tools and knowledge to work with electric and mechanic systems all in one.

Now, if you’re reading this I hope we share the same passion and curiosity towards creating, building, and fixing things. In this post, I’ll share with you some advice about starting your robotics journey.
If you’re reading this but don’t have the passion nor desire of building things, I highly suggest you the read this article you might learn something new and cool. (Thank me later.)

Top 3 Advice that will give you an excellent start in robotics

Advice #1

Pick a kit of anything you like, but make sure it has documentation.

It would be a total lie if I’d recommend you to only start with an Arduino kit, at this point you’re a brand new in this field and anything will wake up your imagination and perspective about robotics. I personally started with the starter Arduino Uno kit, but if you have a bit more money to choose something different or cooler, ¡go ahead!.

arduino uno kit
An arduino UNO kit

You may like or be interested in an RC Arduino car kit, or on a kit with more scalability (more sensors and a higher variety of small projects). Trust me at this point anything would help and I really would love and appreciate if you pick something you like and can’t wait to have it in your hands.
Now I mentioned the word “documentation“, I brought it up because its pretty import to learn in a detailed way what are you doing, why are you doing it and if it’s the best and most practical way of doing it. Remember you’re brand new and your foundation it’s critical, for what’s to come.

Advice #2

Don’t let robotics discourage you

As a newbie, you’ll most likely get frustrated when something doesn’t work and you have wired it and code it exactly as how is in the kit or the in the reference video. Just calm down and remember you’re experiencing the learning curve of anything. In this case and for anything in life, just remember why you dabble in this field in the first place. To go through the learning curve you must remember your purpose. I highly suggest you take a break. Go do something fun or more relaxing, because it would be a shame if you start hating what you love.

learning curve
This is graph represents the learning curve of everything.

Advice #3

Build your own projects

At this point, you’ll be familiar with some basic components and basic functions. You’ll also have a basic comprehension of how to work with what you have on your kit. Now it’s time to mix things and create new ones. If you know how to turn on a LED and know how to read data from a push-button (pressed or not pressed). Why don’t put those two together and build a new project? One that turns a LED on when you press the push button.
From this point forward your only limits are your imagination and your hunger for learning new things in robotics.

The reason why you learn the basic is so you can expose yourself to more advanced situations. We don’t expect you to be a master in order to step up. We only expect and encourage you to be willing to learn more based on failures and multiple repetitions.

Bonus Advice

I learned this from one of my professors at the university, whatever you do… ¡DOCUMENT IT!, I know it might seem like you don’t know anything in order to start documenting your work. But it’s all the way around when you document your work you’re literally enabling anybody to understand your work. As a result, you’re teaching your self. Remember the greatest masters are those who can explain the hardest topics with an extraordinary level of ease. If you can’t explain what you’re doing and how you’re doing it, it means that you really don’t understand it


Remember that robotics it’s pretty interesting and fun field. So please don’t remove the fun of it. If you can see it as a game, in which the main objective is to challenge yourself to create things that you never thought possible.

Wondering how to program your Arduino project?

Click this link. It’ll show you what programming langue we use to program Arduino projects. Also the benefits of using them.

Hope this was helpful. See you in the next post.

Thank you for reaching this far!

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